How to Style a Shacket: 10 Trendy Ideas

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How to Style a Shacket

The shacket—an elegant shirt and a lightweight jacket all in one. The shirt jacket combo is a wardrobe staple you can rely on in all kinds of weather and for almost every occasion. If you’ve hopped on this versatile outerwear trend, you may be wondering exactly how to style a shacket. 

Of course, the real answer to how to style a shacket or anything for that matter is to wear the closet combination that makes you feel the most confident day in and day out. 

Whether you have an endless lineup of chic events ahead or you’re simply looking for some everyday look inspiration, we hope these 11 trendy ways to style your shacket will encourage you to be creative, push some fashion boundaries, and discover the most confident version of yourself. 

#1 Dress it Up

Venturing out into a cool June evening for a swanky outdoor cocktail party? We’re convinced the shacket was invented for this very scenario. Stay comfortable at your soiree, but come prepared should you and your newfound soulmate decide to traverse through the lamp-lit side streets on a whim and discuss your deepest secrets.  Whether you’re wondering how to style a jumpsuit or your favorite dress in the fall season, say, you can always pair it with shacket to dress it up!

Here are a few ways to take any shacket from your closet to the VIP club: 

  • LBD (little black dress) or, if you’re feeling firely LRD (little red dress)
  • Maxi dress with maximum flow
  • Strappy stilettos
  • Jumpsuit with a statement belt
  • An elegant up-do

Consider a shacket in a more vibrant shade for a statement that’s sure to pop. 

#2 Pair with Your Favorite Boots 

Boots and a shacket go together like pumpkin spice and September mornings—now that sounds like a stylish foursome. 

Whether your favorite pair of boots is a classic Chelsea or an all-weather Hunter, there’s a perfect shacket for your well-loved fall kicks:

  • For a cute but polished evening look, try some knee-high boots, a skirt, tights, and a short textured shacket. For those colder nights, switch out the skirt and tights for a sweater dress!

  • For an outdoor adventure, consider a hooded shacket to pair with your galoshes for instant puddle-jumping cuteness.

  • For a go-to sunny pairing, add colorful platforms to a neutral-toned shacket to complement your everyday strut.

  • For a sultry stunner, break out your black thigh-high boots and a short dress or skirt. Yup, we’re going for that short skirt and long….shacket look ala CAKE. 
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#3 Oversize Everything

These days, there’s nothing trendier than shapeless street style. If you feel most at home lounging in some wide-leg joggers or a street-chic crewneck from your favorite brand, then lean into that feeling with an oversized shacket. Add a shacket with some large buttons and some even larger pockets and saunter through your day. 

The Rigo Button Down or the Casey Pocketed Plaid are wonderful options if you’re looking for a Billie Eilish-approved silhouette. 

#4 Layer Textures

Layering different textures elevates an outfit instantly. Just remember that when experimenting in fashion, opposites most always attract. A good rule of thumb for a sleek balance is to combine busy textures with smoother fabrics. Your jacket might even mix fabrics for you.  

Try these ideas on for size:

  • Sweet in suede – Throw a suede shacket over a linen set before heading off to your favorite beachside cocktail bar. The linen outfit will suit the sun and surf, and when the moon rises, you’ll be stylish and snug in your suede.

  • Warm up your satin with wool – For a more subtle route, mix a creamy wool shacket with a smooth, silk pants in the same shade. The look will contrast textures, create an eye-catching monochrome palette, and turn heads wherever you go.

  • Don’t forget the little details – Shackets with some embroidery threading can add an artful touch and some tactile visuals when paired with a simple cotton shirt. 

#5 Let Your Sparkle Be The Star

Jewelry always adds a hint of sparkle to your ensembles. Choosing the right shacket-style can highlight your favorite piece so you can amplify that shine.  

Let your jewelry define how you choose to wear your jacket: 

  • To let your bracelets, rings, or cuffs take centerstage, roll up your shacket sleeves to flash that bling.
  • Layered necklaces, long pendants, or chokers beg for a more unbuttoned look (don’t forget to pair with a low-cut shirt to really let the necklaces catch the light).
  • To give the studs in your lobes or cartilage the spotlight, button up your collar or even flare it out. It’ll naturally draw the eye up to your ears.
  • Dangly earrings and hoops need some room to make their statement. That means leaving your shacket unbuttoned with a nice soft, flattened collar
  • If jewelry isn’t your thing, try a studded belt as a final touch and cinch your shacket at your waist.

#6 Throw on a Crop Top

A shacket is an easy way to play with proportions. Adding a crop top under a larger shacket is a trendy way to highlight your curves, break up an A-line, or balance an oversized look. 

Try a shacket with an oversized fit like the Butler Cotton Distressed Shacket over a cropped piece for a casual look. Play with shackets that will allow for an unbuttoned or uncinched front to accentuate the waist. 

#7 Venture Into Monochrome

Monochrome can help you take an outfit from thrown together to put together. 

Whether you’re headed to an important business meeting or a favorite vacation spot, matching your shacket to your favorite hue, is guaranteed to make you feel like the resident fashion queen.

Need some colorful inspiration? Take a peek at these fashionistas to fire up some ideas:

  • White a.k.a. the Olivia Pope – For the fashion gladiators out there, an all-white outfit is a daring statement. Add a pop of red lipstick to truly slay the runway of life.

  • Black a.k.a. the Wednesday Adams – Take it from the style powerhouse himself, Neiman Marcus—black will never go out of style. “Women who wear black lead colorful lives.” A black shacket, LBD, and a pair of snappy black heels is an effortless monochrome look worthy of an Adams’ family cocktail hour.  
  • Red a.k.a. the Cheryl Blossom – There’s no doubt about it—red is a power color. Donning a monochrome red outfit makes you the indisputable Queen Bee who’s not afraid to play fashion a little dangerously.

  • Pink a.k.a. the Elle Woods – If your closet looks like an explosion of bubblegum hues, then you’re ready to channel your inner Harvard grad/early 2000s icon. 

Tip: You can also consider matching items of the same color in different shades for a more subtle monochrome moment.

#8 Rock the Mock-Neck

If you’re trying to stay cool and confident in your shacket, look no further than the turtleneck’s hip, athletic cousin—the mock-neck. 

Not only are mock necks totally in and planning to stick around, but they also provide a sleeveless alternative that can help you get that layered look without weighing you down. 

We recommend pairing a high-neck with a shacket featuring a sharp collar for a clean neckline silhouette. 

#9 Combine Patterns

Shackets are a great way to experiment with pattern mixing. 

  • Add a houndstooth shacket to striped pants for a splash of British punk.
  • Try an argyle knit under a shacket that mimics the pattern with some unique seams like the Parkside Knit.
  • Toss on a paisley-inspired shacket with a polka-dot skirt and some red cowboy boots.

To combine with another statement piece, check out how to style flare jeans with a shacket for an all-around look to stand out in.

#10 Elevate Your Athleisurewear

Looking for more casual shacket outfit ideas? One of our favorite things about shackets is that they can be so effortlessly chic while remaining casual and comfortable. Add a shacket to your athleisure wear by pairing a short style with some simple joggers and your favorite flashy sneaks. 

An early dog walk before an 8 AM coffee meet-up and a 10 AM zoom interview? Don’t sweat it. Roll out of bed into your shacket and stay cozy all day. Pair with some classic athletic shorts, chic trainers, your coolest dad band-T, and your Casio for a no-frills, streetwear masterpiece that’ll get you where you need to go on time and in style. 

The perforated style of the Liz Cotton Blend gives you that seamless transition style for your jeans days and your sweat days. For a real roll-out-of-bed-like-this look the Salzburg Soft-Plaid Shacket will hug you all day long. 

The Perfect Shacket Day with VICI

We like to think of a shacket less as a piece of clothing and more like the embodiment of unending possibility. From the oversized and cropped shacket to the flannel shacket, this lightweight jacket is a perfect staple for the fall and early winter days. With an item designed to mold to the fabric of your life, there are endless options when it comes to how you choose to move through the day.  

If you’re still looking for the right shacket to add to your wardrobe or you're excited to pick out some head-turning pieces to help you invent your own trend, check out VICI’s curated women’s online boutique. Organized by category, VICI’s platform makes it easy to land on the wardrobe combination that matches your mood. 

Let VICI help you curate a confident closet, so you’re always ready to tackle whatever magical adventure life sends your way.


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