How to Style Flare Jeans for a ‘70’s Vibe

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How to Style Flare Jeans for a 70’s Vibe

Putting on a pair of flare jeans is like hopping into a time machine and turning into a 70s dancing queen. One quick zipper and button then all of a sudden, you’re rollerblading through the rollicking epicenter of bohemian counterculture street style. The roller rink smells like hairspray and popcorn. Couples are jumping to the heavy notes of AC/DC and the Clash. 

Today in 2022, the 70s spin on in the romantic pop culture imagination as the epitome of style liberation. 

Wondering how to style flare jeans and free up those dancing ankles? We’ve compiled the set list of your groovy fashion daydreams. We guarantee these disco-era-inspired get-ups (which can all be found on our online women’s boutique) will have you jiving into the electric slide in no time. 

First, Know Your Flares

Bell bottoms or flares? Here’s some quick fashion vocab for our star staple. From bell bottom jeans to flared jeans, what exactly do these wide leg styles look like? The original flare jean looks something like a mermaid tale for your leg. For everyday streetwear, the style has since relaxed into two often interchangeable trends: 

  • Flare – This style features a subtle wide cut that fans out around the ankle into a slight halo.

  • Bell bottoms – The flare jeans’ more extreme cousin, bell bottoms typically add a triangle of extra fabric halfway down the thigh for a circular wide leg look that sweeps the ground.

In terms of our style tips, we might illustrate the subtle particulars of your cut of choice as the difference between John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, or the suave girl at the discotheque enjoying the dance battle from afar. Browse our women’s denim collection and consider what kind of spotlight you're after. 

Dancing In Textured Tops

Now on to creating an outfit with these flared jeans. Imagine: Penny Lane in Almost Famous, winking as she hops on the next tour bus. Chase the night with these three textured 70s-style tops:

  • Bodysuits – Arriving on the scene in the later 70s, this shapewear was revolutionary for feminine comfort. Dress up your look with a modern print and a flowy fit like our Dorena Draped Bodysuit and pair with our Poppy High Rise Flares to swing into any evening. 

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Rock the T-Shirt Look

If you're looking for more of a casual outfit, wear your favorite pair of these wide leg jeans with a t-shirt. Back when you had to wait days in line for the new vinyl or attend the concert to hear the new song, band Ts were all the rage. And we can confirm– they’re here to stay. 

Whether you’re soaking up a song or with some friends arguing over the jukebox, everything feels right in a band-T. If your dad’s secret t-shirt collection is swimming in a box out in the garage, consider pairing our Pink Floyd Pullover with our London High Rise Denim to tap into some psych rock chic. Rock your wide leg pants with some retro sneakers or dress up your fit with high heel boots.

Some Sleeve Superstition

Find peace in symmetry. Pair a bell bottom leg with a bell sleeve and float all the way to center stage. Or, pair a flare with a fitted flare-sleeve blouse. Quality light-weight material like satin or sheer fabrics will ensure this look gives off a breezy blast from the past. 

Not only is oversized anything a key characteristic of 70s garb, but oversized looks are also back on the 2022 runway. Our Poppy High Rise Bottoms in Black and the Crochet Bell-Sleeve Wrap Top are the ideal way to bring a beloved silhouette into the next generation. 

However, if you’re planning to rock up to a guitar solo you can still hop on this trend. Consider pairing our Donney High-Waisted Flares with the Royal Bloom Satin Crop Blouse to add some pleated wrist detail to a functional sleeve style. 

A Fire for Flare? ViCI Can Take You There

If you choose to venture into a fashion time warp, remember that style is a journey, not a destination. Using the past as inspiration can be a thrilling launching point for some stellar new pairings and timeless playlists. 

If you’re still looking for the right bottoms to groove in, search through our women’s pants to find similar flare cuts in alternative fabrics and colors. 

Learning how to style flare jeans can be as simple as embracing the disco finger. Trust VICI to help you bring your favorite fashion moments up to date. The women’s online boutique is your one-stop shop for all your era-bending, boogie-inducing looks. 

Looking for more style tips? Check out how to style a jumpsuit and how to style a shacket for more looks!


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