Joggers—A Style Guide to Run With

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Joggers—A Style Guide to Run With

Long gone are the days when joggers automatically meant gym time (although we absolutely love jogging in the casual athleticness of joggers). These comfy yet elegant pants can take your legs from the office to a fancy date. All it takes is some sharp styling to build a winning outfit!

How can you achieve sharp styling with joggers? Sooooo glad you asked. Thanks to their flattering shape and incredible variety, different style joggers can match with a variety of pieces in your closet—we guarantee it. 

Hit the ground running and find your perfect comfy-cute women’s pants with our guide on how to style joggers.

Know Your Joggers

Before styling joggers, it’s important to know what this pants category actually includes. No matter their color or fabric, every pair of joggers has:1

  • A drawstring or elastic high waist
  • Elasticized ankle cuffs
  • A loose fit around the legs. 

With these elements, joggers create a naturally flattering silhouette that’s nipped at the waist, relaxed in the legs, and tapered at the ankles. Despite this universal shape, the “vibe” of joggers can range from athleisure to upscale, all thanks to their material

You know how your favorite silk button-up shirt just can’t substitute for your favorite linen button-up shirt? Joggers work the same—different looks call for different fabrics! 

When shopping for joggers, consider which materials would suit the look you’re running toward:

  • Twill – Twill is a thick and opaque fabric with a unique diagonal ridge pattern, usually created from cotton and polyester. While technically a “weave” and not a material, twill has a snappy and sturdy look that makes joggers office-friendly. Even better? The thickness of twill means fewer wrinkles across the day.
  • Knit – Hello, lazy Sundays. Knit joggers are the chic younger sister of sweatpants. This lightweight and stretchy fabric still manages to keep you warm, offering the cuddliest of leg hugs. For a look that’s equal parts stylish and “I’m sleeping in,” pair some blush pink knit joggers with a matching knit top.
  • Satin – Soft, light, and oh-so-shiny, satin joggers are the definition of luxury comfort. Since satin is low on flexibility, it’s important to find a pair that’s very loose in the legs and preferably has no drawstring. Throw some on for a date night or a stylish business meeting (that’s off Zoom, of course).
  • Leather – Who said comfy meant boring? Keep your edge alive at all times with leather joggers. Alongside little details like pockets and studs, leather can transform the jogger pant into a nighttime wardrobe staple. In particular, highly flexible faux leather works best for joggers.
  • Denim – It’s like your favorite pair of jeans...but somehow even more comfy and cute. Craft your ultimate farmers market look with some adorable denim joggers. Once you feel how easy it is to move, you’ll never go back to your boot cuts. 
  • Cotton – You just can’t beat cotton’s versatility. In joggers, cotton offers light warmth, a soft touch, and a decent amount of stretch. While more structured than knit, cotton joggers still lean towards a more casual and relaxed look.
  • Synthetics – In most joggers, you’ll find at least some percentage of synthetic fabrics like nylon, rayon, and tencel. These plant-based fibers offer stretch and structure, making the shape of joggers actually comfy. Better yet, synthetic fabrics are smoother than knit or cotton, creating a more “formal” look.
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Style 1: Hit the Streets with Streetwear

Ready to let your inner model-off-duty strut? Joggers are a streetwear staple, filling the closets of skaters and Fashion Week workers alike. The endless jogger outfit ideas allow you to also style this versatile piece in different ways. Strike the balance between cool and comfy with a streetwear-inspired ‘fit with your joggers.

When constructing a street-style look, you need just the right amount of structure. Too little, and you look like a laundry pile. Too much, and you veer into business-casual territory. Jog down the middle line with upscale yet relaxed urban basics, like:

  • Cotton or cargo joggers
  • A fitted crew neck hoodie or sweatshirt
  • Fashion sneakers
  • Sunglasses
  • Chunky jewelry

Most importantly, make sure your shoes are on point. The cropped ankle of joggers acts like a spotlight for your feet, so your sneakers (or any shoes) should be star material.

Style 2: Get Dressy in Pants

You may not want to wear joggers to your next black-tie event or as an alternative to dress pants. However, this sporty silhouette can still make a pretty chill upscale outfit. You’ll be the ultimate cool girl on the town—and you’ll have the leg room to walk around it!

The key to nailing a dressy joggers look? You need more structure in your pants material and top. Leave behind the knit fabrics and flowy sweaters. Instead, go upscale with formal fabrics and pieces that offer a little more support, such as:

  • Satin joggers (without a drawstring)
  • A corset top or bandeau top
  • A fitted blazer
  • Strappy heels or loafers
  • A messenger bag

Style 3: Run to the Office 

No, joggers aren’t really tailored slacks. However, they definitely still have a spot in your business casual wardrobe.  Turn hours of click-clacking at your desk into a comfortable experience with some office-friendly joggers. 

Since joggers are naturally casual and athletic, they need a little extra support to become Safe For Work. Build your comfiest lunch meeting outfit yet with these steps:

  1. Start with a smooth and crinkle-free joggers fabric, like leather, tencel, or even twill. For extra versatility points, choose a neutral tone like olive green-brown that will match nearly any blouse in your closet. 
  2. Tuck in a tailored but somewhat breezy button-up shirt. The extra volume around your shoulders and arms will balance the tightness around your legs. For an even more chill look, leave half your shirt untucked.
  3. To finish it off, add a leather shoulder bag, heeled slingbacks or loafers, and elegant jewelry. Since joggers add a sporty edge, your accessories can do the heavy lifting to add glamour and refinement.

Style 4: Make It Glam

With all the different ways to style these comfy pants, you can definitely dress up this wardrobe staple. When you think about it, joggers are actually a little glamorous. A defined waistline, structured fabric, and cropped ankle hemlines? That’s a recipe for an elegant silhouette. Add the right materials, and you’ve got your next glam-night-out look.

Create a fashion statement from the ground up with sequin joggers. With spacious pockets and the perfect amount of slouch, our Huxley Pocketed Sequin Jogger Pants are ready to take center stage. To round out the red carpet look, add these posh pieces:

  • A high-neck sleeveless satin top
  • Pumps or high heels
  • A clutch purse
  • Stud earrings and stacked rings

Need something with just a little more grit? Swap sequins for leather. Leather joggers toe the line between glamorous, laidback, and edgy—perfect for a concert or cocktail night with friends. Pull up the leather, and then add complimentary basics like:

  • A perfect-fitting white tee
  • A trench coat or wool coat
  • Strappy heels or combat boots
  • Small hoop earrings

Style 5: Play With Athleisure

Athleisure is the home base of jogger pants. Their loose and flexible design just screams sporty-chic—and now, even chic-chic. Since the 1920s, sweatpants like joggers have grown into an increasingly popular  (and acceptable) bottom for everyday wear.2 A true wardrobe staple for a casual look and endless outfit ideas. 

If you’re new to joggers, start by leaning into their athletic tendencies. Pick a fabric with plenty of flexibility and stretch, like our Chill Out Days joggers with spandex. Then, add other fitted yet comfy gym essentials. With these pieces, you’ll look ready for the cutest sweat sesh of all time:

  • A sports bra
  • A puffer jacket or teddy jacket
  • A baseball cap
  • Sneakers
  • A gym bag or tote

Style 6: Keep It Chill

Rigid jeans, tight skirts, form-fitting leggings—there are so many bottoms that just constrict your legs. Sometimes, you just need to let your two walking sticks breathe. Luckily, there’s no better way to give your legs space than a cozy pair of joggers.

When it comes to lounging in joggers, you can’t go wrong with knit. This cuddly material has plenty of give, feeling like a light hug on the legs. However, even your most chill joggers outfit can still have a little flair. Add these laid back pieces to your knit joggers:

  • A sweatshirt or knit top (preferably from a matching set with your joggers)
  • Slide sandals or fashion sneakers
  • A cross-body bag
  • A thin chain necklace

Style Your Dream Skirt with VICI

Forget the fashion lies—you can feel comfy and look cute. The answer is the perfect pair of jogger pants. Whether you’re heading to a restaurant or your fave reading nook, joggers can be the sporty bottom to take you there in style. Give these lovable women’s bottoms the affection they deserve by crafting equally stylish ensembles for them. 

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect jogger pants (or any other sporty-cute staples), head to VICI’s women’s online boutique. Our collections are hand-picked, finding you the most on-trend yet versatile pieces for your closet. It’s never been easier to assemble an outfit that lets your style shine.

Don’t walk to your next style destination—start running (or jogging). Let VICI help you build a closet that makes you excited to get dressed.


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