3 Fresh Ways to Style Mom Jeans

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3 Fresh Ways to Style Mom Jeans

Move over, skinny jeans—it’s time for mom jeans to have their turn in the spotlight. Though mom jeans have often been the butt of many jokes (if you know the 2003 SNL skit involving Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and several pairs of elastic-waist pants, then you know) but the idea that mom jeans are unfashionable couldn't be further from the truth.

A staple trend in 2022 and beyond, high-waisted mom jeans are actually stylish, versatile, and here to take your fashion and comfort to the next level. With waist-slimming and leg-elongating powers, all you need to know is how to style this pair of women’s denim. . 

#1 Stay Winter Chic with a Turtleneck

Mom jeans aren’t seasonal—in fact, they’re a year-round fashion statement with no expiration date. But if you’re looking for an outfit you can pair with your fuzziest earmuffs and a warm drink, here’s how to make the mom jeans trend both wintery and cool:1

  • Don a turtleneck – There’s nothing like a cozy turtleneck to keep you warm in the cold months. But when you’re trying to pair one with mom jeans, not all turtlenecks were created equal. Here, you’re going to want a tighter-fitting turtleneck you can tuck into your mom jeans. It’ll balance your jeans’ looser fit and keep the outfit from feeling boxy.
  • Throw on some statement boots – Boots and winter are a match made in heaven. They’re the perfect way to finish off any look, including this one. To tie your mom jean outfit together, grab a pair of short, ankle boots and you’ll be ready to take on the winter chill.

Add your favorite winter coat on top, and you’re set for any occasion the winter could throw at you. But when cold weather rolls in, you need women’s pants that can stand up to it. Our Tatum high rise stretch frayed straight jeans are up for the challenge—and their dark wash makes them the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. 

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#2 Add a Little Sass with a Leather Jacket

Nothing says effortlessly cool like a leather jacket—and mom jeans. While the vibes of these two may seem at odds, they’re actually a match made in fashion heaven. Style icons like Chloë Sevigny have rocked this outfit idea while out and about. But just because Chloë likes to complete this look with a tan turtleneck and wide-leg mom jeans doesn't mean that’s the only way to style it.2 

If you do happen to be interested in the wide-leg mom jeans, here are a few wide leg pants outfit ideas you should check out. If not, you can also try out one of the following killer combos to pull off this look yourself:

  • A white tee and black chunky booties – For a super cute leather jacket and mom jeans combo, grab a pair of high-waisted blue mom jeans and a simple white tee. You can then accessorize to your heart’s content with a statement necklace, a fun scarf, or a cute headband to show some of your unique personality and tie the look together. Finish this mom jean outfit  with a pair of black booties.
  • An all-black ensemble – Turn the edge all the way up with this look. Mom jeans come in more than just blue, so pair some dark or black denim jeans with a black leather jacket, dark t-shirt, and black boots.

If you’re really looking to compliment the leather jacket vibe, look for a pair of distressed mom jeans. Our Shane distressed high rise stretch crop flare jeans have the rock-and-roll finishing touch you’re after. And to make this look even edgier, learn how to style leather pants and create a leather-on-leather ensemble. 

#3 Keep it Classic

Sometimes you need an everyday look that’s chic and stylish, but not too much trouble to pull together. And you haven’t fully learned how to style mom jeans if you don’t have a classic t-shirt look in your back pocket.

Here are some ideas on what to pair a t-shirt with to take this look to the next level:3

  • A military-style jacket
  • A blazer and belt with a statement buckle
  • An open button-down and long coat
  • Chunky shoes

For everyday, versatile mom jeans you’ll never get tired of, our Adrian high rise rigid distressed straight jeans perfectly fit the bill. The light wash makes them easy to pair with lots of colors, and the distressed patches add a fun, but casual vibe. And if you are wanting another versatile pair of pants that styles nicely with a t-shirt but also provides comfort, learn how to style joggers, and check out our collection.

Find Your New Favorite Mom Jeans with VICI

If you’re looking for women’s bottoms  that combine comfort and cool, the mom jeans trend should be at the top of your list. They can emphasize your waist and silhouette with a looser fit that stops you from having to do the shimmy to squeeze into them every morning. 

And with the number of ways you can easily style mom jeans—from everyday t-shirt looks to cozy winter vibes—there’s no trend you won’t be on top of when you wear them. For quality mom jeans you’ll fall in love with, you don’t need to look any further than VICI. Our styles will help give you the confidence boost you’ve been after, so you always feel your best when getting dressed every morning.


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