7 Ways to Rock a Leather Skirt

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Ways to Rock a Leather Skirt

Mysterious, feminine, glamorous, cool—that’s the allure of the leather skirt. This unique piece has remained a closet staple for decades, and it’s not hard to see why. No matter your style, its chic look and flattering structure can complement any wardrobe or figure.

Ready to rock some leather skirts for women? Pull together your ultimate femme fatale look with these 7 leather skirt outfit ideas. And if leather isn’t your thing, we have many other skirt outfits you can choose from. 

#1 Pull on the Boots

Leather skirts and cute boots—they just go hand-in-hand (or leg-and-leg). While you don’t have to match the two perfectly, this outfit idea looks chic and elegant, yet urban. Even better, you have a whole world of boots to mix and match with your leather skirt! Whether thigh-high or ankle-high, consider these different fun styles to match a leather mini skirt:

  • Classic stiletto boots
  • Chunky heel boots
  • Wedge heel boots
  • Riding boots (or cowboy boots)
  • Platform boots
  • Rain boots
  • Combat boots

One style tip? If you choose leather boots, try to match the color of your boots and leather skirt (i.e., black leather mini skirt and black leather boots). Unless you’re a styling pro, it’s best to stick with one simple shade of leather.

#2 Mix Textures

Leather is kind of like the truffle of the fabric world—it has a strong and distinct flavor that stands out. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t mix well with other fashion flavors!

To balance the sleek look of leather, pair it with contrasting fabrics. This especially works for building daytime or casual outfits, where you may want to tamper the glam-rock quality of leather. Mix and match to your heart’s delight with these complimentary pieces:

  • Silk or satin tops
  • Poplin button-down blouses
  • Cotton tees
  • Wool knits or cable-knits
  • Mohair sweaters
  • Suede jackets
  • Tweed jackets or blazers
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#3 Rock It Out

When in leather, lean into your inner rockstar. A leather skirt is the quintessential “cool girl” clothing piece, balancing effortless style and punk edge. Pair a miniskirt version with these other rockstar staples for that next big night out (or big day out):

  • Fitted crop top or graphic tee
  • Leather jacket or blazer
  • Ankle boots, combat boots, or thigh-high boots
  • Chunky jewelry (thick chains, large rings, etc.)
  • Chain-metal shoulder bag

#4 Move Beyond Basics

Yes, the black leather mini skirt will always be chic. But don’t be afraid to break out of the fashion box!

Leather skirts come in all shapes and shades. If you want your leather skirt as the star of the show (or to simply match your closet), consider these fun and unique design details:

  • A non-black neutral shade (like brown or gray)
  • A bright or bold color (like red or green)
  • Pleats
  • Patchwork leather
  • Studs or rhinestones 
  • Pockets
  • Asymmetrical hemlines
  •  Midi length

#5 Go Preppy

Leather skirts are not just for rock stars anymore. They can elevate any style, even a pulled-together preppy look. When balanced by fitted knits and bright colors, a leather skirt especially gets to shine.

To start, look for a leather skirt that feeds into a preppy aesthetic, such as a buttoned or pleated leather skirt. From there, build the perfect pre-glam outfit with these other pieces:

  • Thin knit top (long-sleeve or short-sleeve)
  • Fitted blazer
  • Loafers or Mary-Jane shoes
  • Simple gold jewelry
  • Leather cross-body bag or shoulder bag

#6 Pick Up the Pencil Skirt

Heading to the office? A leather mini skirt may not work—but a leather pencil skirt just might.

Figure-hugging and knee-skimming, a pencil skirt is flattering yet work-appropriate. Sprinkle a little glamor into your work wardrobe with the leather version of this office staple! When paired with the right pieces, a leather pencil skirt can feel right at home at your desk:

  • Loose chiffon, satin, or silk blouse
  • Thin cardigan
  • Knee-high boots or kitten heels
  • One or two jewelry pieces
  • Briefcase, cross-body bag, or tote bag

#7 Get Classy

Despite their “bad girl” reputation, leather skirts can actually be very elegant. All it takes is the right silhouette, a few accessories, and (of course) your elegant self.

Start by choosing a design with a little more give and length such as a midi leather skirt. You don’t need a knee-length leather skirt, but your shortest and tightest pick may not work for this aesthetic. From there, create long and graceful lines with these elegant pieces:

  • Off-the-shoulder sweater, fitted turtleneck, or silk blouse
  • Tweed jacket, trench, or full-length wool coat 
  • Sheer tights 
  • Loafers, low stilettos, or ankle boots
  • Thin jewelry pieces (small chains, simple rings, or a watch)

VICI—Your Leather Outfit GuideBuilding an outfit is a bit like cooking. Once you have the ingredients, it’s all about putting your individual spin on the recipe. Follow these guidelines to make your own leather skirt outfit—and then forget them! Don’t be afraid to style your leather skirt your way.

Feeling the mix-and-match fever? VICI has cute women’s bottoms (and more pieces) you need to elevate your closet. Once you’ve picked your favorite skirt, find the perfect chic jacket or poised blouse in our collection. It’s never been easier to build your next favorite look.

We’re here to make fashion easy—not complicated. Explore the entire VICI collection today to stay stylish without stress.


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