7 Fall Fashion Trends to Rock in 2022

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7 Fall Fashion Trends to Rock in 2022

Say goodbye to tan lines and bikini bottoms and hello to fall foliage and orchard-ready ankle boots—fall is on its way! 

We know not everyone relishes giving up the warmer months, but look on the bright side: With the changing of the seasons brings festive flavors like pumpkin spice and caramel apple, cozy nights by the fire, and relief from those record-high temps. Whether you love fall or not, it’s worth taking a quick inventory of your cold weather wardrobe and making some updates with a few select pieces.

From Western-inspired casual chic wear to updated takes on classic office attire, below you’ll find seven of the newest fall trends—culled from runway shows, fashion magazines, and the social media feeds of influencers we actually love—that will be big this season. Without any further ado, we present to you our top ideas to inspire your fall outfits. 

#1 Fend Off the Fall Cold with an Textured Slouchy Sweater

A fall wardrobe staple has to most definitely be the sweater. Whether you’re cozying up with loved ones at the campfire or gathering with the girls to enjoy slices of pie and pumpkin spice lattés, your outfit should be as fresh and fun as the events you seek out and the company you keep. 

That said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t kick off the list with one of our favorite fall-ready knits. Whether you initially love or hate this look, it’s one we think you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022. But don’t just take it from us—the smart ladies at Vogue are predicting that super textural, scraggly sweaters will be a cool girl’s go-to when the weather turns cold.1

Our pocketed knit cardigan slides effortlessly over a camisole, but its relaxed fit is also oversized enough to accommodate a button-down or thinner knit beneath as well. This is a clever way to layer up with a toasty outfit that’s the perfect balance between lively and cozy. Play up the bulk with:

  • A pair of giant hoop earrings
  • Sparkly wrist bangles
  • An eye-catching gold chain

#2 Fling Yourself Into Fall With a Dash of All-Day Sophistication

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, flared jeans are back, baby! You can almost hear the glee in some fashion editors’ voices as they pronounce the death of skinny jeans.2 While we won’t be so quick to say goodbye, we’re all about embracing the latest trend and making it your own. 

What better way to do that than by taking a denim classic and elevating it by adding a striking waist tie and making it black? Pants like our Poppy High Rise Flare will flatter by helping to create the effect of legs for days. 

Plus, this pair will stay wrinkle-free in the office (thanks to our cotton, spandex, and polyester blend) and carry you away to cocktail hour in comfort with a fully adjustable waist. 

The most chic, stylish and insta-worthy staples you need. Dropped weekly. Shop now!

#3 Say Yes to Yee-Haw with Western-Inspired Style

We promised Western wear, didn’t we? It's no doubt that western boots are fall shoes women love to style for the season, let alone western wear. While not for the faint of heart, we think a trusty heeled cowboy boot and the right amount of campfire-ready coziness can make any gal feel ready to swing her leg over a horse and ride off into the sunset. This fall fashion trend can be styled in what seems like an endless amount of outfits.

When it comes to achieving this look, it’s all about the shoes. Start with a faux leather (and cow-friendly) Western Boot with hefty pull tabs for anytime you need to quickly pull yourself up by your bootstraps. This kind of wooden-heeled footwear goes on easy with lots of girly jewelry and golden touches like a crossbody pouch bag or jangly gold bracelets. 

Layer a Plaid Wool Shacket over your fave t-shirt, button down, or maxi dress for a touch of rugged swank.

#4 Achieve Emo Chic Without the Asymmetrical Haircut 

You don’t have to recreate every ill-advised fashion trend from your high school days (why, oh why did we all try to cut those side bangs ourselves?). Instead, create subtle nods to your head-banging days with touches like: 

  • Plaids
  • Black combat-style boots
  • Chunky leather bracelets and accessories
  • Intentional pops of color

With its slightly-big fit, our Double Take Plaid Button Down is an excellent way to integrate this throwback aesthetic into your contemporary, adult wardrobe. Add our Rocky Mountain Hat and a crossbody backpack to rock that “too cool for school” vibe you used to love. Another option is to layer it over your favorite vintage t-shirt and bring the whole ‘fit into the present with a smattering of at least two gold pendants or chains. #AvrilWouldBeSoProud.

#5 Keep It Simple with the Timeless White Tank and Blue Jeans Combo

In fashion, it’s often said that less is more, which is why we’re endorsing one of our favorite low-effort combos: the classic white tank and blue jeans look. This must-have top belongs in your wardrobe not just because Hunter Schafer made it cool again, but also because its simplicity and versatility are the ideal starting point for a whole variety of all-weather fashion ideas.3

But this outfit isn’t complete without the right pair of denim bottoms: enter our Kason High Rise jeans. With moderately distressed touches in a casual light wash, these bestsellers can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. 

Drape a billowy white button-down over the cami and voilá! You’ve got a brunch-ready outfit that took two seconds to put together. Go ahead, hit that snooze button one more time.

#6 Step Out for Coffee Breaks in Style with a Lightweight Coat

Sometimes the hardest part about spring and fall is finding warm, easy-to-throw-on layers that don’t create bulk or induce sweating. Our tip? Find a flowy coat that helps fend off wintry winds while on your way to sip hot chai at your favorite coffee shop.

Not only does our Tayshia Pocketed Coat elevate your office wardrobe, but its standing notched collar and open front make it ideal for throwing on before quick trips to the bakery for apple cider donuts and long walks at the farmer’s market alike. Looking for fall outfit ideas to style a lightweight coat? Pair with a mini skirt, leather pants, or mom jeans for wherever your day takes you. 

With this heather grey and white herringbone coat, you’ll also look instantly chic for your first meeting of the morning. To finish the outfit: 

  • Add our Saint Slouch heeled boots 
  • Pucker up with a sassy red or plum lip color 
  • Rock a few loose waves or a slicked-backed bun

Let’s be honest—has work-to-weekend wear ever looked this good? 

#7 Create Autumnal Fashion Moments with Corduroy

Nothing says fall like academic style. When we think of slightly unfashionable sweaters, bold eyewear frames, and oversized blazers, we remember football games, frisbee on the quad, and the changing leaves that come with the back-to-school season. 

Today, you can still give things the old college try with this direction by adding an underused, hotly-debated fabric to your wardrobe—corduroy. This seventies staple plays nice with all kinds of colors and textures, thanks to its undeniably timeless feel and unfussy charm. 

Our Kameron Button Down Pocket Top comes in a camel color that brings to mind both caramel and cinnamon, two fall flavors we can’t get enough of in our wardrobes or in our cappuccinos. Layer it over a white, black, or brown shirt—or nothing at all if you’re feeling bold and headed out with the girls. In that case, style it with:

  • Your favorite distressed denim
  • A wide-brimmed hat 
  • Heeled booties
  • A nude lipstick or gloss 

A Final Tip: Layer Like You Mean It

Layering clothing is in, ladies. And no more so than in those transitional early months of fall, when the days start cool, only to warm up around midday. This year, fall officially begins on Thursday, September 22nd with the arrival of the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumnal Equinox.4 That said, experts are predicting that most of the country won’t get a taste of frigid temps until mid-November.5 

Depending on where you live, you might be facing fairly mild weather for much of the season. These conditions are terrific for layering, or wearing multiple garments on top of each other. 

Plus, there’s a generous handful of benefits to layering, such as:

  • Wicking sweat when it’s hot
  • Conserving body heat when it’s cold
  • Experimenting with texture and bulk
  • Mixing and matching each piece for a more versatile wardrobe

That last one’s a biggie. Learning how to layer will unlock your ability to create multiple varieties of outfits with just a few essential pieces.6

Find Your Perfect Fall Look with VICI 

No matter what your fall wardrobe includes, ‘Tis the season to look—and feel—your best, and what better way to get started than with a new fashion accessory or essential that helps you get your glow on? At VICI, we believe in the power of fashion to empower our fellow women, which is why we want to inspire your new favorite fall look. 

By bringing fun, flattering clothes to women like you and sparking their imaginations with styling ideas, we hope we can make a difference in how women perceive themselves and each other. Visit our women’s online boutique  to learn more about your newest Partners in Style, or reach out to one of our stylists to get started today.


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