There’s a little bun in the oven, and babe, you’ve never looked better. Show off that precious baby bump in a VICI maternity dress that lets the whole world know you’re one hot mama. A bump friendly dress is a maternity wardrobe staple and our collection is here to help you find yours. Whether you’re looking to flaunt your new family member in a maxi dress or save your tummy for private eyes only in a flowy style, these bump friendly dresses offer a range of flattering, premium styles to celebrate this miraculous time. Flowy, flexible, and fashionable, every item in the VICI maternity collection is competitively priced and totally luxe. Showcase your radiance before and after the baby’s arrivalβ€”you deserve to feel beautiful at every stage of this experience. 

With a million and one things to do before your little one’s arrival, VICI strives to take one task off the table. Your quest for stylish maternity looks is officially over. There's no reason not to show off your best fashion with a growing baby bump. Just stock up on bump friendly dresses from our collection. Deliciously breathable cotton, slinky polyester, and lightweight linen make for chic and comfortable fabric that gently cradles your bump. And with supportive cuts, from smocked maxi dresses to strapless tiers, these outfits offer relief for your changing body and give you the chance to relax (yes, it is possible) in an ensemble that’s as pretty to look at as it is pleasant to wear. 

Whether you’re throwing up your feet at your baby shower or taking your newborn on a stroll around the block, VICI bump friendly dresses put your comfort at the forefront. Flaunt delicate flowers, grounded earth tones, or flirty tie-dyes that flatter your form without sacrificing style. No matter what the day entailsβ€”from doctor’s appointments and nursery decorating to getting to know your sweetheart post-birthβ€”VICI is here to help you effortlessly transition throughout the stages of life. Just slip into one of our curated maternity dresses and start strutting. You’re a proud mama, and the world ought to know it. Shop your perfect bump friendly dress with our women's online boutique