How to Style Long Skirts for Fall

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How to Style Long Skirts for Fall

When the crisp, fall breeze kisses your windowsill and tousles your curtains, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: fall fashion season! 

Fall trends are oh so much more than plaid shirts, suede hats, and rider boots—although we’re not knocking those classics. The weather might get chilly, but long skirts are the hottest trend this fall. (Fashionably speaking, of course.) While a mini skirt can also be fitting for this season, a maxi skirt creates a fashionable statement piece while staying warm.

How to style long skirts for fall, you ask? We’re glad you did! Paired with an oversized sweater, a leather jacket, sneakers, or heels, the options for a maxi skirt outfit are endless. We put together a list of our favorite ways to wear long skirts in the fall. Though we have sunstone surroundings in mind, these long skirt looks will turn heads in any season. 

#1 Sport a Skirt and Sneakers on a Casual Fall Day

If you're wondering how to wear long skirt outfit for a casual setting, the answer is: sneakers. Long skirts are the extra pizazz you never knew your casual fit needed. Leave the been-there-done-that jeans in the drawer and pull on a long mustard-yellow skirt instead. Long skirts add that extra little oomph to an outfit without overdoing it—and paired with sneakers? Chef’s kiss. 

To glide through the grocery store or down the sidewalk in a long skirt for daytime, choose a light, flowy fabric. We love warm tones for fall like this tiered paisley maxi. To keep warm on especially breezy days, pop a denim jacket over your shoulders—over which you can peep all your outfit admirers. 

Throw on an effortless long skirt on fall days for activities like: 

  • Restocking on organic produce and peanut butter
  • Heading out on a conference call walk 
  • Swinging by the corner cafe for a coffee to go
  • Standing in fashionable line at the dry cleaners
  • Strutting next to your pup, who’s also turning heads
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#2 Breeze Through the Office in a Long Fall Skirt

Long skirts for fall officewear are your secret wardrobe weapons. They’re the perfect opportunity to think outside the box (boxy dress pants, that is). Long skirts let you stay classy and covered while expressing yourself in bold colors and fun, fall patterns. 

But what does an office-approved maxi skirt outfit look like? For the workplace, choose long skirts without a leg slit to keep it professional. Pair tighter skirts like our Ultrachic Knit Midi with a cozy cashmere sweater or a classic collared overshirt. With a looser skirt, tuck in a cotton turtleneck or a capsule long sleeve. 

Look as impressive as that budget report you turned in last week while you’re: 

  • Chatting at the coffee machine in peach linen
  • Training your protege in textured magenta 
  • Pleading your client’s case in vibrant orange pleats
  • Commanding the meeting with a paper bag waist statement
  • Answering emails with ease—and one hand in your skirt pocket

#3 Let Drinks and Skirts Flow on a Fall Evening

We love a daytime-to-nighttime story arc for your main-character fashion. When you need to breeze from the office to the train to the bustling happy hour bar, long skirts go the distance. They’re chic all on their own—no bathroom quick change required. 

While it may be difficult to determine whether you should wear heels or boots, a coat or a lightweight layer, Try not to fall into the trap of dressing too warm. Baby, it’s cold outside, but it’ll probably be pretty stuffy inside. Find a breathable skirt dusted with texture, like our Floral Tassel Tie Midi, and pair it with a chic black bodysuit, a ruffly sweater, or a fitted cardigan.  

Mimic the graceful autumn leaves in your elegant fall skirt while: 

  • Meeting your perfect match from the dating apps
  • Celebrating your promotion at happy hour 
  • Clinking champagne glasses with your besties
  • Treating your sis at your favorite local bistro
  • Strolling under the moon with a stunning stranger

#4 Get Flirty in a Long Skirt on a Fall Weekend

As you treat yourself on fall weekends, add a little treat to your wardrobe. Like a splash of pumpkin spice in your latte, long skirts bring outfits to life on vibrant weekend adventures. Have fun with it! Push the boundaries on colors, patterns, and textures. More is more.

Use the agenda of the weekend to guide your long skirt choice, but don’t be afraid to break the rules. This Ruffle Tulle Midi is pure royalty on its own, but it becomes even more original when paired with a show-stopping red leather jacket or a polka-dotted sweater. 

Sip your pumpkin spice latte on a blissful fall weekend while: 

  • Scavenging the patch for the perfect pumpkin
  • Buying Target out of their fall decor line 
  • Scanning the landscapes of orange, yellow, and red
  • Plucking sun-ripe apples on your tippy toes
  • Savoring crisp ciders and s’mores by the fire 

Just because you're styling a maxi length skirt, it doesn't mean you still can't pair with knee high boots to complete the look. Maxi skirts and knee high boots are both fashion trends adored in the fall season, so why not style them together. 

Long for Fall in the Perfect Long Skirt from VICI Collection

The different styles and maxi skirt outfits make this piece a fall wardrobe staple. Whether you’re keeping it chic in a fitted midi, unleashing your inner bohemian in a layered maxi, or twirling the night away in tulle, we have all the long skirts you need to look effortless this fall. Friends, dates, and strangers alike will wonder if you’ve just walked off the set of an autumn Vogue cover. (We’ll never tell.) 

Our women’s online boutique has a variety of styles to keep up with fall fashion trends. Explore our collection of skirts in cozy fall colors and clean-cut neutrals. While you’re at it, throw a denim jacket, a statement belt, or a wool-brimmed hat in your cart to complete your fall closet. Oh—and don’t forget fall shoes women are styling this season, like statement boots.

Make way, weathered tanks and boring pants: there’s a new skirt in town this fall. And she’s fabulous. 


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