9 Ways To Style An Oversized Sweater This Winter

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 9 Ways To Style An Oversized Sweater This Winter

Leather jacket outfits, knits, coats—it’s time to bring out seasonal winter and fall styles. Comfy, forgiving, and on trend in 2022, oversized sweaters are having a moment—and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

But there’s a huge difference between rocking this extra-large, extra-luxe look and looking like you’re a ten-year-old playing in your mother’s wardrobe. What easy fashion hacks can we enact to make sure our oversized outfits are on point? More specifically, how can we make the oversized sweater look both intentional and totally chic?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Below, we’ll step through our top 9 tips for how to style oversized sweaters. We’ll also get into the nitty-gritty by talking about the best materials and fabrics for the slouchy vibe, plus share a few secrets on sizing. So grab your favorite oversized sweater and get ready for endless outfit ideas.

#1 Tuck It In

The right oversized sweater should generally conform to your contours in a flowy, relaxed way. What we don’t love is an unintentionally boxy vibe that looks more sleeping bag than fashion statement. This is why one of our biggest fears with the oversized sweater is drowning in all that fabric.

Save swimming for the pool and take back your contours by tucking that garment in. There’s really no scientific method here; rather, we utilize the simple one-hand-tuck to reign in some of the extra material and create a slightly more form-fitting look.1 Your waistline will thank you.

#2 Pair It with a Mini Skirt

When it comes to how to style oversized sweater outfits, you can't go wrong with pairing it with a mini skirt. This asymmetrical combo is super cute in those transitional months when you want to wear something cozy but aren’t ready to put your legs away (we get it!). The good news is you can keep the summer vibes flowing by continuing to slip into your favorite shorts and skirts through the end of autumn.

Here, you’ll want to make sure your cozy oversized sweater falls just above the hem of the skirt to ensure no one mistakes this for a pantless style. (While we’re all about you doing you, we’re also usually about wearing bottoms in public.) Add a pair of sheer tights if it’s extra chilly and pair with your favorite leather oxfords or knee-high boots for a cute and sexy sweater look.

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#3 Try It with Loose-Fitting Jeans

If you’re confused about how to style an oversized sweater, we recommend starting with the denim that’s already hanging in your closet. Suitable styles include looser, on-trend fits such as:

  • Mom jeans
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • Dad jeans

Jokes aside, anything that looks relatively 90s era should do the trick. Now, the trick here is to create continuity—starting with the billowy sweater and extending all the way down to your feet. If you’re not feeling that idea, a sweater with a cropped hem—or even simply tucked in—can help break things up around the torso. Add a pair of ankle boots for a bit of that “I woke up like this” effortless style and the perfect oversized sweater outfit.

#4 Add a Giant Scarf

Is there any accessory more essential for your winter mid-morning coffee run than an oversized scarf? Bundle it way up around your neck to keep out the chill, or let it drape and hang for some cozy shawl shapelessness.

Giant scarves look superb with oversized sweaters because they emphasize heft and heaviness, two fashion qualities that are eye-catching and unusual. We love plaids, neutrals, and seasonal prints, but can also get behind a monochrome feel if that’s more your thing.

#5 Belt It

Similar to our “tuck it in” tip, adding a belt is a wonderful way to show off your shape and, of course, showcase a unique buckle. This concept works particularly well if your sweater is long enough to be worn as a dress, preferably with thigh-high boots and the perfect bag. 

Belts are a fun way to show off another dimension of your style sense, so feel free to choose a vintage or one-of-a-kind piece that simply screams you. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Western-inspired designs
  • A simple D-ring belt
  • No-buckle belts
  • Braided belts

You can also play around with silk scarves as belts for an elevated take on this idea.

#6 Pair It with a Long Button Down

Is there any business casual trend we love more than an oversized sweater with an equally oversized white button down peeking out from beneath? It beats a boxy blazer, right?

Here, you’ll need to own, or add to your collection, an extra-long button down that fits your shape but also drapes to your knees. This is a versatile piece, however, and works great with long trenches, long vests… basically anything long. Wear this ensemble with a pair of skinny jeans and suede ​​ankle booties for a classy and fresh take on the usual dreaded office workwear.

#7 When In Doubt, Go All Black

Think the tiny black dress, but the opposite of tiny. A simple mock turtleneck sweater with a pair of black denim jeans or even leather trousers or leggings is an everywhere-appropriate vibe that radiates chicness and dare we say… mystery?

Seriously though, we all have occasions for needing a touch of urban edge and a good dose of slouchy comfort, and that’s where this look slots in. In fact, we think this is the perfect outfit for:

  • Midweek happy hours
  • Informal meetings
  • Readings and classes

The color black has long been associated with elegance and simplicity, which makes it a tasteful statement at almost any gathering.2 Whether you’re allowing a peek at your inner emo kid or trying to command respect in a formal setting, all black is truly a vibe.

#8 Pair with a Midi Skirt

It’s official: This season, longer skirts are in—and we are here for it.3 Get in on the fun with the super-stylish midi, a length in which anything below the knee and above the ankle is fair game.

Midis come in as many varieties as there are ways to style them, which means you can really have fun showing off your unique sense of flair. Trying to stay laid-back? Denim midis are so hot right now. Want to feel flowy? A light silk skirt with a floral print could be your best bet. 

Kind of like your best friend, midis are always there for you—no matter what fashion faux pas you accidentally make, that skirt will probably still make your outfit look amazing.

#9 Layer a Big Coat On Top

You’ve seen the red carpet and runway photos—models and celebs alike can’t get enough of the oversized coats. Perhaps in today’s fast-paced and pricey world, the cut and weight of an extra-large puffer or peacoat conveys leisure and luxury, two qualities we all aspire to have on hand in our wardrobe.

As far as the sweater goes, going for that snuggly winter look is a good move here, and this can be achieved most easily with a chunky knit or XL hoodie. VoilĂ , you look just like Hailey Bieber.4

When Is Oversized Too Oversized?

Great question. Like we said above, oversized style is all about looking intentional. You don’t want to seem like someone who doesn’t know how to find their size—and without attention and care, that extra-roomy sweater might look ill-fitting and uncomfortable. This is a challenge especially for our ladies who shop in the petite section. 

So, what can we do?

  • Make sure that sweater hits above the knees (usually) – The right oversized sweater should hang somewhere between your midriff and your kneecap. Sometimes it’s okay to go a little longer, like if you’re looking for a sweater dress. But usually, this is the styling trick you need to commit to memory.
  • Watch those sleeves – Here’s another area where the fit should actually fit you. While long sleeves can work (especially with those inch-long acrylic nails), you don’t want sleeves that slip totally beyond your fingers. Conversely, stretch your arms out in front of you to make sure those sleeves aren’t too short.
  • Find fabrics that don’t overwhelm your outfit – Yes, extra-fuzzy, supersized looks are all the rage on runways in Milan right now. But that might not translate to your wardrobe—and you might not want it to. Look for materials and fabrics that suit your style and your climate to ensure you’ll actually wear them. If you’re somewhat sporty and you’re searching for a cute fit to wear to the gym, try an on-theme cotton blend. If you live in chilly Massachusetts and rock the collegial vibe, knits may be your friend.

Find Your Perfect Oversized Sweater with VICI

Whether it’s an oversized sweater or oversized blazer outfit, the trend is definitely hot this season. When you find the right oversized sweater for you, you’ll know it right away—by the fit and style, yes, but also in how you feel. Our clothes are meant to empower us. And whether you’re suiting up in a slim-fitting business suit or chilling in a cuddly sweater, your outfits should inspire your confidence and make you smile.

At VICI, we want to help women embrace their unique styles and feel better in their clothes. Our pieces are easy to mix and match, and look incredible in the office, behind a stroller, at brunch, or traveling the world. Visit us today to view our upcoming collections of women’s sweaters or check out our blog for more fashion tips.


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