4 Trendy Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas to Try

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4 Trendy Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas to Try

You may see a sexy studded black leather jacket at the store and think, I love it, but can I pull the black jacket  off?

Sure, leather jackets are known to be a rock concert staple—but they’re so much more than that. They’re timeless and versatile, and can give any fashion outfit a sultry, mysterious edge (and you can definitely pull it off—rockstar or not).

If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the dark, leathery waters, you don’t have to dive directly into the deep end (although we do stan a good pair of real leather pants). Instead, you can wade into the water one slow step at a time, starting with a tried-and-true outerwear essential—a faux leather jacket.

From the classic moto to more recent cropped leather styles, we’ve put together four leather jacket outfits you can confidently pull off—and feel like a rockstar while you’re at it.

#1 Keep it Classic

Like most styles, jacket trends come and go. Fitted denim blazers might have been on trend in the early 2000s, but you don’t see many sneaking out of retirement these days. What you will see year after year is the classic moto leather jacket.

That’s because the wardrobe staple instantly turns any look from drab to chic. Simple cheetah print maxi dress? Cute. Pair it with a black leather jacket—glam. A wide-leg denim jumpsuit? Trendy. With a moto jacket—undeniably chic.

However, the quintessential I-set-trends-without-trying leather jacket look includes a mixture of the following (with your personal style twists blended in):

  • A black or taupe faux leather moto jacket
  • Your favorite pair of sexy blue jeans (ripped skinny jeans, high-waisted flares, or the comfortable-yet-edgy boyfriend jeans)
  • A white tee 
  • Black-studded mules, a worn-in pair of white sneakers or your favorite pair of ankle boots
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#2 Puff it Up

When you think leather jacket, you probably picture something sleek and fitted. While you’re not wrong, why not wade further into the stylish leather waters with a faux leather puffer jacket? They’re insulating, comfortable, and very much on trend.1

Whether you’re running errands in your cutest gym clothes or meeting your girlfriends for a latte, a leather puffer jacket can elevate your choice of wardrobe.

Looking for more ways to style your faux leather puffer jacket? Try some of these fun and fabulous ideas:2

  • Pair it with a cozy knit jogger set and some stylish sneakers.
  • Keep it classic with a pair of black leggings and a graphic white tee.
  • Embrace your inner rockstar with a pair of faux-leather leggings and black combat boots.

#3 Embrace the Fringe

Fringe jackets, with their decorative and elaborate trim, were once used by cowboys back in the day to protect themselves from the elements and as a way to avoid wasting materials.3 From functionality to fashion trend, the fringe jacket has made a comeback in recent years.

We dare you to embrace your chic inner cowgirl with a fringe faux-suede jacket. You’ll make a cosmic style statement while simultaneously exuding major trendsetter vibes.

With so many ways to style it, we’ve whittled them down to a few of our faves:4

  • Keep it casual – Wear it with a t-shirt, jean shorts, and a pair of ankle boots..
  • Go bold – Opt for a crop top underneath paired with faux-leather pants.
  • Make it retro – Embrace your inner flower child by wearing it with a floral linen tunic and a pair of bell bottoms.

#4 Don It with a Dress

There’s something ultra-alluring about pairing a bodycon dress with a leather jacket. You blend the gentle femininity of the dress with the bold edginess of the leather, and in doing so, create an entirely new style—a mix of hard lines and soft edges that establishes the ultimate sexy ensemble.

The devil’s in the details, and we’ve rustled up a few unforgettable styles (and their deets) that’ll mesh perfectly with your faux leather jacket:

  • For brunch with your besties – No matter the season, you can’t beat a flowy boho maxi dress. Pair it with a leather jacket, a wide-brimmed fedora, and a few chunky accessories. Bada bing bada boom—you’re ready to let the mimosas flow as freely as your dress.
  • For a night out – Find your most dazzling sequined mini-shift dress and pair it with a pair of black-heeled booties. For a more authentic rocker look, go for a pair of lace-up hiker booties. Throw on your biker jacket to accentuate your curves, and complete the outfit with a faux-leather clutch.

Feed Your Love for Leather Jackets with VICI

From the coffee shop in the morning to the brewery in the afternoon (and possibly even that swanky new French restaurant at night), a leather jacket is the ultimate go-to piece for any ensemble.

With so many leather jacket outfits to choose from, the style combinations are endless. VICI is here to make sure you never run out of new styles to flaunt. If you’re looking for your next jacket to wear with dresses, jeans, or booties check out our wide selection of faux leather jackets (and skirts and pants) to add to your growing rockstar closet.


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