Styling a Skirt: 8 Outfit Ideas

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Styling a Skirt

Let’s face it—there’s nothing more fun and flirty than a beautiful skirt. These feminine bottoms belong in just about every closet, ranging from edgy glamor (hello, leather mini) to elegant boho (greetings, muslin maxi). 

With every skirt, you get a treasure trove of possible outfits. So how can you choose? Luckily, we can help you there. From preppy to punk, we’re sharing our favorite chic skirt outfit ideas. 

Leave the pants behind and twirl into our guide on the 8 best skirt outfits for the season.

#1 Don the Denim

It’s not just for pants. Denim makes for cute and relaxed skirts, working in just about every casual environment. And as you know, it’s the easiest fabric to pair with any piece of clothing. 

When talking about denim skirts, most people mean mini denim skirts. However, this season is all about the ‘90s-style midi and maxi cuts. The added structure and elegant length take a denim skirt from the schoolyard into big-girl territory. 

To style these pieces, think of them like a pair of jeans—the options are endless! For a more casual look, pair with simple wardrobe pieces like:

  • A white top or graphic tee
  • A fitted and short-length cardigan
  • Clogs or fashion white sneakers
  • A leather cross-body bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Gold hoops or stud earrings

Want to take it up a notch? Bring your longer denim skirt into the office (or even date night) with these more upscale pairings:

  • Cowboy boots or low heels
  • A fitted white top
  • A black leather jacket 
  • A black leather belt
  • A handbag or cross-body bag
  • Long chain necklace, watch, or drop earrings
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#2 Sharpen Your Pencil Skirt

Ah, the pencil skirt. It’s a classic for a reason. This figure-hugging skirt covers your body from the waistline to the knees, creating a flattering and feminine silhouette. Of course, black and gray pencil skirts never go out of style—but there’s more room to play with this closet staple!

Whether you’re heading to work or family dinner, a bold or unique pencil skirt can be the star of your look. Shake it up with these on-trend and fun designs:

  • Bold solid shades
  • All-over sequins
  • Knit textures
  • Suede or leather
  • Fringe ends
  • Long zippers or large buttons

Get your fun pencil skirt on hand? Then it’s time to build a balanced and cute outfit. Tuck in a billowy blouse or button-up, throw on some heels or knee boots, add a small messenger bag—and voila! You have a chic and office-ready look.

#3 Dive Into Texture

There’s nothing wrong with a basic cotton skirt. After all, what else will you wear home to Thanksgiving? But to unleash your inner fashionista, let your style roam into different textures. 

The right fabric can take a skirt from a simple staple to the star of the show. Give your bottom half a spotlight by picking one of these unique skirt materials:

  • Tulle – It’s time to dig out the old ballet recital uniform. Tulle skirts add whimsy and femininity (and plenty of volumes) to your bottom half, creating distinctly beautiful silhouettes. To have your Carrie Bradshaw moment, try a high-waisted black tulle skirt that goes just past the knees. Make it an ultra-chic look by pairing it with other neutral-toned pieces, like a knit turtleneck, a leather jacket, and ankle boots or pumps.
  • Cable knit – Textured yet comfortable, cable knit just says “cozy vibes.” Since this material is on the thicker side, you’ll usually only find mini, or pencil cable knit skirts. For the perfect minimalist winter look, pair this figure-hugging skirt with a simple and slouchy knit top, heeled knee boots, and thin chain jewelry.
  • Sequins – They’re not just for New Year's Eve. A sequined skirt can add just the right amount of razzle dazzle to any nighttime outfit. To avoid disco ball territory, keep the rest of your outfit shine-free. Instead, try to pair a sequined mini skirt with a neutral corset top or knit top, some black tights, and cute ankle boots. 
  • Crinkle – Crinkle fabric has a distinct fashion flavor, balancing boho and urban vibes. Go frumpy-chic this season with a high-waisted crinkle skirt that hits your calves. The crushed texture looks amazing with smoother pieces, like a fitted button-down shirt, long-sleeve cotton top, or even a bandeau top. 

#4 Oh Mini, Oh My!

Flirty, fun, and oh-so-flattering, the miniskirt has stuck around since the 1960s—and it’s not going away.1 No matter your personal style, there’s a miniskirt to make you say “ooh.” Even better, mini skirtsare incredibly versatile—perfect for mixing and matching across all seasons!

Ready for the ultimate chic yet cozy winter ‘fit? Grab a neutral-tone suede or knit miniskirt and pair it with these warming pieces:

  • A long-sleeve turtleneck 
  • A long wool coat or trench
  • Thick tights
  • Knee boots or ankle boots
  • Ear muffs or a beanie hat

Love the classic schoolgirl silhouette? A flared and longer mini skirt is your best friend. Don’t know how to style long skirts? No worries,find a pleated cotton, wool, or cargo design, and then throw these academic essentials into the mix:

  • A white button-up shirt
  • A fitted blazer or long cardigan
  • Sheer tights or knee-high socks
  • Oxfords or loafers
  • A briefcase or leather tote

Care to embrace all things daring about the miniskirt? Spice it up with a leather skirt outfit, which is totally on-trend.2 Whether fitted, A-line, or pleated, this “cool girl” staple adds instant glam to any outfit idea. For a look that’s equally edgy and chill, try this leather miniskirt ensemble:

  • A fitted long-sleeve knit top
  • A trench coat or long wool coat
  • Leather or suede knee boots
  • Thick chain bracelets or necklaces
  • A chain crossbody bag
  • Sunglasses

#5 Play With Plaid

Nothing says fall quite like the pattern plaid—and nothing says fall fashion quite like a plaid skirt. You don’t have to be a highlander to rock this pattern. Depending on your look, plaid can play preppy, boho, or even edgy! 

While a matching plaid blazer and plaid skirt will never go out of style, you can definitely break outside the box. For that classic preppy plaid look, try this ensemble:

  • A plaid miniskirt
  • A neutral-toned turtleneck
  • Sheer tights or high socks
  • Neutral-toned oxfords or ankle boots
  • A small messenger bag

Feeling a little more….on edge? Play into plaid’s grunge side by amping up the rock style with these pieces:

  • A plaid miniskirt or knee-length skirt
  • A cropped graphic tee or oversized sweater
  • A long leather jacket or denim shacket
  • Sheer tights
  • Combat boots or platform loafers
  • Thin chain necklaces 

#6 Wrap It Up

Wrap skirts are the elegant essential of the season. If you want to accentuate your body’s beautiful curves, the longer wrap skirt is your best friend. With their adjustable design, you can choose just where this column-like skirt sits on your waist, emphasizing your unique shape.

Since wrap skirts for women highlight the lower body, it’s best to pair them with a fitted top half. Create a perfectly balanced (and chic) wrap skirt outfit with these pieces:

  • A midi or maxi wrap skirt
  • A wide-neck or off-the-shoulder crop top
  • Flats or leather sandals
  • A handbag or clutch
  • A statement necklace

#7 Shine in Satin and Silk

When you wear satin or silk, you just feel good. These luxe fabrics have a feathery-light touch and a beautiful sheen—perfect for an upscale skirt.

Since satin and silk are quite thin and flowy, they work incredibly well at longer skirt lengths. Bring a soft feminine touch to your wardrobe by picking up a midi silk or satin skirt!  Even better, let a patterned satin skirt be the romantic star of your look, pairing it with more laid-back boho pieces: 

  • A cropped knit or cardigan
  • A corduroy or jean jacket
  • Riding boots or knee boots
  • Minimalist jewelry

Feeling extra flirty? Lean into the Y2k trend with a mini silk or satin skirt. The grown-up version of this look mixes girly whimsy with more elegant lines. Tuck in a billowy blouse or throw on a high-neck crop top to elongate your upper half. 

From there, add some strappy heels, a pair of stately hoop earrings, and your favorite shoulder bag—and voila! You have a stylish date night outfit.

#8 Set It Up

Sometimes, your brain just can’t be bothered to throw together a chic outfit—that’s where matching sets can save the day. 

Matching sets include any bottom and top made from the same fabric. If your skirt has a very unique color or design, this can save you a ton of styling stress. Also, a matching set just looks so cute and coordinated! As options, consider these flattering pairs for your next ready-to-go skirt outfit:

  • Knit miniskirt + sleeved crop top 
  • Tweed miniskirt + blazer
  • Pencil skirt + bandeau top
  • Maxi wrap skirt + tank crop top
  • Silky midi skirt + silky tie-blouse
  • Knit midi skirt + cardigan top

Style Your Dream Skirt with VICI

No matter your wardrobe, skirts can elevate your sense of style. Strut in a leather mini, twirl in a satan midi, or sashay in a silk wrap maxi—the options are endless. If you’re ready to find the skirt that makes you go ooh la la, we’re ready to help you find it.

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