3 Fun Wide Leg Pant Outfit Ideas

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3 Fun Wide Leg Pant Outfit Ideas

If you’re so over doing the early morning skinny jean shimmy, then it’s time for you to celebrate and liberate your legs—because the overly tight pants moment is officially done.

Now, wide leg pants are taking center stage where they belong, and they look like they’re here to stay. But how do you best show off these fabulous women’s bottoms?  We’ll share with you our top three wide leg pants outfit ideas as you fall head over heels for this fabulous fashion trend.

#1 Go Monochrome

Single-color looks are super in right now, and wide leg pants offer a chance to take them to a new level of chic. Not only do they look fresh and modern, but monochromatic looks also have the benefit of being easy to coordinate (since, yup, they’re all the same color). 

That said, to get the biggest wow-factor possible with a monochrome outfit idea, you can consider the following tips:

  • Try a fitted top – Long pants have super flowy bottoms which are perfect for creating an elegant look. But since wide leg trousers are so loose, you can match them with a more fitted look to balance out your ensemble. If you are wanting wide leg pants that are tighter at the ankles, learn how to style joggers and check out our assortment.
  • Tuck in your shirt – Wide leg pants have the potential to be super figure-flattering when worn correctly. Tucking in your top is an essential part of this outfit idea, as it helps the pants draw attention to your waistline and overall silhouette.1

Black is a classic color for a monochromatic look, and our New Lover Feather Trim Pocketed Pants are a fantastic place to get started. Plus, these black wide leg pants prove that monochrome does not equal boring, as the feather accents at the bottom are the perfect way to add a splash of personality.

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#2 Keep it Professional for the Office

While wide leg trousers may give off summer vibes, bringing park picnics with Aperol Spritzes or outdoor brunches with friends to mind, they’re good for way more than a summer setting. You can even dress them up for the office and pull off lots of business casual outfits with the right wide pants.

A good pair of wide leg pants for the office should be:2 

  • Structured
  • Refined
  • Solid color, tweed, or striped

That said, having the right pair of pants is just the start. To complete your office outfit, you’ll want to reach for some of the following items:2 

  • A blazer
  • A chunky heel
  • A professional button down
  • Pointy toe flat
  • A nice camisole

Each style tip above will give you a good basis to mix and match so you can style professional outfits to your heart’s content. It’s also a good idea to try and keep loud patterns to a minimum when aiming for business casual. While big, bold prints are a lot of fun, they might not give off the vibe you’re after in this case.

For a fashion-forward pair of business casual wide leg pants, look no further than our Analia Knit Wide Leg Pants in sage. The color is a fun departure from classic blue and black wide leg pants, but professional enough to keep you office chic.

#3 Pair Fun Pants with a Solid Top

While fun prints may not always be office-appropriate, they’re fabulous for a girl’s trip with friends or a day out on the town. Using a simple, solid top can be a superb way to balance out any of the following kinds of fun wide leg pants:

  • Bold color pants – You can make a statement with more than just patterns! Bright, eye-popping colors are also a fun way to catch some eyes while you’re out on the town. And pairing them with a toned-down top will make sure your wide leg pants get the compliments.
  • Pants with crazy patterns – Brush the dust off that one pair of patterned pants you didn’t know how to style, and get ready to hit the streets with them. While a bright top or competing patterns might not work here, a nice black or white blouse is an excellent match for any pattern.

If you’d like to add some bold pants to your wardrobe, we’d recommend our Runway Pocketed Belted Flare Trousers in red. You’re sure to catch some compliments in this color, and the belt will accent your waist and emphasize your figure.

And you can't forget about wide leg denim which is perfect for any casual outing! Finding the perfect pair of wide leg jeans or jeans with a looser fit, like mom jeans, can be difficult. Browse our collection of women's denim and learn more about how to style mom jeans to see if this fit is right for you. 

Boost Your Wardrobe Confidence with VICIThe jury is in—wide leg pants are here to stay, and they’re just what your wardrobe needs. Their versatility makes them easy to style professionally or casually in monochromatic or fun, bold looks.

If you’re new to this trend, VICI has the perfect selection of wide leg pants to help you start growing your wardrobe. Our chic styles are designed to flatter your figure and help you love your wardrobe even more than before. So scroll through our options today—your favorite new women’s pants are waiting for you!


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