Ambassador FAQ

Are their posting requirements? If so, what are they? Can I post more than what is required?
Yes! We are minimally looking for 1 piece of video content, 3 Instagram Carousel and 3 Instagram Stories

What are the deadlines for posting?
There are no deadlines for posting, however all content needs to be shared by the program end date of X.
What code/link do I give my audience?
You will be providing your audience with a link. The link will have a 20% discount embedded and will automatically apply at checkout. This will be provided to you once you are fully approved into the program and have filled out all the necessary steps.
How can my audience shop my looks? Can I link individually to each item?
Your audience will need to click on your collection link that you will share with your content. From there they will be directed to the website to shop. They will search for the names of the items you are featuring to purchase. Unfortunately, you cannot l link to individual product pages as they will not be tracked for your commission. They need to go through your link and then shop around in order for you to receive the credit
How do I get credit for the sales?
This is all tracked through the unique link we provide you. You will have visibility to view your sales throughout the campaign.
Where does the 40% off code TEAMVICI apply?
This code will ONLY apply to items in the New Arrivals and Holiday Events collection!
Do I use the code or link to share in stories?
You will use the unique link shared with you. You will not receive credit if a sale was purchased with your code so be sure to use the link.
How can my audience find the items I am featuring?
They can search for them on our website! Make sure to clearly call out verbally and in text the name of the product so they can easily find it.
How long is my link active for?
Your link is active through the term, which is through X.

What items can I feature in my content? Does it have it be Daily Drop, New Arrivals, Holiday Events, etc.?
You can feature all products in your content!
What kind of backgrounds should my content have?
We recommend a clean and tidy background. Nothing too busy or messy so the clothing can really stand out!
What kind of content is VICI looking for?
We want the content to be authentic to you! We want you to share your love for the all the pieces through your content. Make sure to include little details like the size you are wearing, the fit, the quality, how you recommend wearing it, wear you would wear it and what you overall love about it!
Does my content need to be approved before posting?
No but we would like for you to send it in so our social team can reshare on our socials!
Do my looks need to be full head-to-toe VICI?
Nope! Feel free to mix in some other non-VICI items to complete your look
Can I mix and match other non-VICI items in my content?
Yes! Feel free to mix and match with other items.